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Success! My child is now out of the Autism Spectrum!

(Posted Sept 2014)

When David* was 22 months old, he was diagnosed with Autism. Today, after two years of hard work, therapy and dedication, his mother can finally say what other parents dream of – David is no longer in the Autism Spectrum… Read more

Festive Holidays with a Child with Autism

(Posted Sept 2015)

While the upcoming festive season is a time for celebration with family and friends, it can be stressful for those caring for children with autism due to many reasons – changes in routine, travel, unfamiliar social interactions. However, ABC Center Singapore and Philippines’ Clinical Site Administrator, Ms. Hui Ling Loh, MA, BCBA … Read more

Dreams for children with Autism

(Posted Oct 2015)

This month, we speak with Director and Co-Founder of ABC Center Singapore and Philippines, Ms. Beth Tan, about her dreams for ABC Center’s children, as well as her own journey as a mother of a child with autism. Ms. Tan is a U.S. licensed music and movement teacher … Read more

Toddler Graduation: ABC’s youngest is graduating!

(Posted Jan 2016)

Daisy* was barely 14 months old when she started at ABC Center’s Infant/Toddler Program. When she joined, she did not have a formal autism diagnosis, but showed symptoms of autism and developmental delay – her skills were … Read more

Eating Problems among Children with Autism

(Posted April 2016)

Among the challenges that parents face with children with autism, one of the most stressful is dealing with eating problems. These can result to children not getting the right nutrition; hence it is important to work on this quickly. Ms. Hui Ling Loh, BCBA, Clinical Supervisor of ABC Center Singapore, talks about her experience on this issue, and what strategies can best help. … Read more

The Parents’ Role in Autism: Do’s and Don’ts

(Posted June 2016)

Parenting a child with autism is one of the most difficult and confusing roles in life. In this article, we give our best advice on what should and should not be done. (Portions of this newsletter are excerpts from an article published in Today’s Parents magazine published in Singapore (Aug/Sept 2011) written by Meryl Koh from her interview with Ms. Mari Ueda-Tao, MA, BCBA, Applied Behavior Consultants, USA … Read more