Over 30 years of helping individuals with autism in 4 continents worldwide.

Individualized Program: Each child’s ABA Intervention program is uniquely created for his or her needs based on a comprehensive functional assessment that identifies core deficits and excesses. This is individually tailored to fit unique learning styles, and continuously adapted as the child progresses to higher skill levels

Language Priority: Acquiring language is one of our primary goals. Each child learns to request wants and needs, to comment about the world, to answer questions, to imitate the language of others, and eventually to read, write and respond in their own words. We use several methods – including PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) for those with significant deficits in vocalizing. We concurrently teach vocalization to give the foundational skills for language development.

Generalization: ABCs unique 5-level generalization program was developed by Co-Founder Brenda Terzich-Garland (Recreating Environment to Accelerate Learning, R.E.A.L, 1996) to enable skills learned in therapy to be used quickly in everyday life. This is a systematic 5-level program to generalize skills from a structured environment to the natural environment for integration into daily life.

Data-based: We believe that data specific to behaviors of each child should be the fundamental basis for their program. Hence, data of how the child reacts is meticulously collected each session and analyzed fully — daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly– to see the child’s rate of improvement and determine how to progress with the child’s program.

1:1 Child/Adult Ratio: ABC believes in ensuring a 1 to 1 ratio to give appropriate focus to each child specially at the start of a program. Only when a child can benefit from social interaction do we enhance the program to enable interaction in pairs or small groups.

Parent training: Parents play a central role in a child’s development. We aim to give the best training to ensure a consistent approach in both our center and at the child’s home. We have an open door policy where parents can observe upon appointment. We automatically include parent/caregiver training as part of our package to maximize the effectivity of our program for your child.

Positive Programming: To address behavior problems that prevent children from learning skills, ABC uses Positive Programming Procedures.

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Our global success is driven by: our data-based approach, our emphasis on language, and our unique 5-level generalization (R.E.A.L.) program.